Late Season Process in the U.S.

The process essentially begins again in late July when the Technical Committee and Council meet to consider Late Season recommendations. These are hunting seasons that traditionally open on the Saturday nearest 1 October in some states and are largely waterfowl (duck and goose) oriented. By this time, the data from the May Breeding Pair and Habitat Survey and July Production Survey are available. However, in recent years, this data has already been used to select the appropriate "package" from those available in the Adaptive Harvest Management (AHM) process. The Flyway provides comments about AHM for consideration in the following year and makes recommendations on regulations for goose and swan hunting for the current year.

The SRC meets in early August to consider these Late Season recommendations and again, the FWS publishes proposals in the Federal Register. By mid-September, the FWS has published the Final Rules (Frameworks) from which states can select hunting seasons for the upcoming fall.